Why India?

Outsourcing to India: What you need to know

Bangalore is referred to as India’s Silicon Valley for good reason: it is home to the most skilled, well-educated and experienced IT professionals in India. This makes it a prime outsourcing hub. Did you know that Bangalore also has the highest concentration of multinational tech companies? What's more it also features many research and development firms as well as electronics and software companies, making it an ideal location to find a team of highly skilled and experienced IT professionals.

The facts

India is regarded globally as an outsourcing hotspot. That's because the country offers top tier services at an affordable rate. Its outsourcing workforce is comprised of a young, highly skilled and motivated professionals. Did you know that India is the world’s second-largest English-speaking country? With an English-speaking population of around 125 million and growing, this is proof positive that communication will not going to be an obstacle to outsourcing successfully to India.

Why India?

Budget-friendly services at a great service

So you need to access a vast talent pool at comparatively inexpensive rates? Look no further than India! India continues to lead the world in being the go-to destination for outsourcing services. That is because its workforce is highly educated, experienced and dedicated.

Deep talent pool

Over 3 million university graduates join India's workforce each year. This means that companies that outsource to India gain access to a much deeper talent pool than they otherwise might. The high quality of the country’s professional workforce is what many companies are looking for when they choose India for their outsourcing needs.

Advanced infrastructure and technology

India's government has invested in infrastructure and technology to keep apace with global trends and standards. This equates to India now possessing state-of-the-art technology in all of its major cities. Therefore, companies that outsource to India can be assured that their remote workforce are using all of the latest in technology and software.

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