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Offshoring Important marketing jobs can save in-house staff time, money, and their creative energy; contact ShoreHQ today to get set up with a top—tier remote sales team!

Make Marketing Work With ShoreHQ

Lining up all the variables for a creative marketing team is harder than it looks. Miscommunications, delays, and other inefficiencies sap a marketing department of its money, making it harder and harder to “get the word out” about your produce or service. Utilizing ShoreHQ’s offshore resources can not only optimize your performance, it will widen your customer base and boost your revenue in step with your company goals.

Offshoring Sales & Marketing Duties – A Dynamic Future

Based on the importance of your interaction the client, ShoreHQ can handle any clients who have already met in-house staff and now just need their account maintained. After these initial face-to-face meetings with important clients, you can pass off the account to us, allowing you to move on to bigger clients while knowing your current ones are happy with your service. Additionally, ShoreHQ marketing teams are highly experienced in generating invoices and collecting payments, processing orders, or doing basic customer service. Read below to see what roles our college-educated workers can help you with!

  • Sales Prospects/Lead Generator
  • Sales Preparation & Presentation (e.g. – PowerPoint introducing a new client)
  • Filling Orders
  • Sending out Invoices
  • Collecting Payments
  • Maintaining Existing Clientele Relationships
  • Customer Service
  • Advertising Design Templates

How ShoreHQ Separates Itself from the Competition

Our workers are, on average, far more educated and possess better critical thinking skills than the average offshoring company. We vet our workers rigorously, and we ensure that even for interactions with high importance, you won’t want anyone else on your team besides ShoreHQ. Contact us today to trial our best subscription packages!

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