Real Estate and Construction

In the 21st century, even real estate and construction jobs can be completed with offshore resources! Much of the paperwork, documentation, and administrative work can be done for you halfway across the world while sleep! Wake up to the offshoring opportunities provided by ShoreHQ!

Real Estate and Offshoring – The Hidden Link

On the surface Real estate and offshoring may not seem compatible – how would you ship real estate agent duties overseas when so much of their job is done in person? If you are in the industry, then you already know the incredible amount of burdensome paperwork real estate agents have to complete with potential renters and homeowners.

It is this processing of housing documents, rental applications, marketing research, and calendar management that ShoreHQ can provide to give your business a huge boost. Think about it – your company can meet with the client during the day, collect their filled-out paperwork, and send it to a different time zone, to be completed upon you waking up. Money never sleeps, and neither should your business! ShoreHQ can help you create this 24/7 real estate model every step of the way.

By utilizing ShoreHQ’s offshore resources, your real-estate company or construction group can recover valuable planning time and decision-making while our team processes all the paperwork thousands of miles away. When then sent to you remotely the next morning, you can see the apparent advantages to building an offshoring team vs. spending money on finding new in-house talent. ShoreHQ brings the talent to you, along with flexibility to get more jobs done while your previous deals process through our services. Take a look at the list of different functions ShoreHQ provides real-estate and construction firms below:

  • Administrative work (processing lease agreements, renewals, and restructuring requests)
  • Reviewing Rental Applications
  • Document synthesis (writing up legal agreements, sales pieces)
  • Scheduling and client-time management
  • Accounting and income/expense reports
  • Sales Research and Relevant data entry
  • Telemarketing and online advertising

Separate yourself from your competitors; create a business that processes your important paperwork 24/7. Partner with ShoreHQ for these cost-reducing benefits today!

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