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Need extra legal, account, or investing help? Do you want a full team of these professional experts for the cost of a single in-house employee? It is time to call ShoreHQ. Read below for details

Offshoring Professional Services

Starting with call centers, IT maintenance, and basic programming, offshoring resources have come a long way in the past 25 years. Now, companies can offshore the highest level of professional services overseas – including legal work, accounting, engineering, teaching, investing, and IT consultation. If you are missing a key component of your business that you cannot find in-house, it is time to turn to ShoreHQ.

Why ShoreHQ? How Does it Reduce Cost?

Getting legal advice or accounting help from ShoreHQ can save you thousands; these professions are highly regarded in countries like the UK and US. For example, even if you only need minor assistance with legal paperwork, the “by-the-hour” charge for good lawyers can be upwards of $300/hr. With ShoreHQ, you can offshore these professional gaps in your business with targeted, precise help offered by our university-educated professionals. While offering the same quality of professional advice, ShoreHQ is proud of how much we can cut your legal, accounting, IT expenses. In a survey of various financial, computer, and manufacturing firms, 100 percent of respondents listed “cost reduction” as one of the primary benefits sought for offshoring important professional services.

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