Information Technology

ShoreHQ brings a wealth of expertise to the IT department; we consider Information tech a pillar of our business model.

Outsourcing IT jobs is a cornerstone for offshoring businesses. Most offshoring work is done online remotely, so it is in our company’s DNA to be information technology experts. We would argue in the past five years, our computer IT technicians have actually moved ahead of the average in-house US/UK worker – while still at a fraction of the cost.

Our boast is backed up by survey data – while 49% of companies said they utilized offshoring IT for cost-saving benefits, a near-equal 46% admitted they utilized offshoring to “access skillsets that aren’t available in-house.”

One-fifth of the cost, with none of the standard regulatory and tax burdens, and access to a more diverse pool of skilled applicants? At this point, we say you consider trialing with a ShoreHQ IT team. Our clients are simply blown away by the level of technical skill and expertise that our teams bring to your IT needs and online projects.

The Cloud-Based Expertise of ShoreHQ

More specifically, offshoring IT jobs has become essential with the explosion of cloud storage technology. Now more than ever, it is crucial to have a well-organized data backup and retrieval system to ensure no important data is ever lost or deleted permanently from your database. Our IT remote teams can help set your business up on a cloud storage database, and can also help implement the following technologies below:

  • Cloud Database setup and maintenance
  • Blockchain technology
  • AI Machine Learning
  • Cybersecurity and VPN use
  • 5G network rollout

All of these technologies are coming to your industry sooner rather than later – see what ShoreHQ has to offer with our base subscription package. Within a month, we’ll update all your computer systems to the most innovative, cutting-edge platforms used today. In fact, ShoreHQ can fill a number of IT positions within your company:
  • IT Systems analyst
  • IT support
  • Database technician (Front & Back End)
  • Software developer
  • Website developer
  • Application technician
  • Hardware technician and backup support

Aside from database malfunctions prompting an emergency retrieval of data, ShoreHQ’s IT experts can work with all the following technologies below: Help with cloud-based software, blockchain, AI Machine learning, cybersecurity, 5G networks

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