Need to upgrade your virtual recording-keeping? Want to offload burdensome paperwork and easily bypass health care regulations? Team with ShoreHQ to make it happen.

Offshoring Health Care in the 21st Century

Health care in the 2020s is, in some ways, unrecognizable from the 20th century – nearly all clinics utilize computer databases and health management software to better access patient files. However, the technology has advanced so far that now, doctors will read X-Rays and MRI images from halfway around the world – all made possible through the rapid evolution of health care moving online. (line about 5G surgeries in real time?) With this technology comes many regulatory pitfalls and technical difficulties; this is where Shore HQ steps in. We provide your health care clinic all the resources needed to update your software systems, and will adeptly handle jobs your in-house team does not have time for. In-house health care workers should be focused on the patient - ShoreHQ can handle the rest. Read below to get a better picture of how well ShoreHQ fits when partnered with hospitals and doctors, and the specific ways we help health care companies save up to 70 percent on overhead.

Importance of Offshoring Resources to Health Care

In the past 10 years, offshoring resources have exploded in the health care industry. Like with other businesses, we help companies save money by offloading jobs they would pay in-house employees 5-7 times more to do. Our workers are experienced in the following health care jobs:

  • Medical Transcription & patient record-keeping
  • Billing and Insurance Claims
  • Tele-imaging (reading MRI, CT, X-Ray scans)
  • Patient Data Processing
  • Medical Software & Clinic Database upgrades
  • IT support for clinic computer systems
  • Customer Service tickets

ShoreHQ provides a software & web development expertise to the health care system other companies simply cannot compete with. Whether clinics need help with regulatory paperwork or creating a new virtual filing system, ShoreHQ can handle more than just routine tasks. We possess high-level computer skills within our ranks, but can also handle standard IT and customer service problems. Whatever the issue may be, ShoreHQ will put all its resources behind you, ensuring cost-effective, productivity-boosting results for your business.

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