Finance, Accounting, and Insurance

Own a finance, accounting, or insurance firm and looking to cut overhead costs? Need to free up in-house staff for core activities? Have outdated software that needs re-tooling? If you answered yes to any of these questions, we recommend you partner with ShoreHQ today.

Specializing in fintech software development, ShoreHQ’s offshore teams cut overhead cost up to 70%. In doing so, you simultaneously free up your in-house staff for core decision-making activities! While offering a variety of services, ShoreHQ specializes in upgrading out-of-date computer systems/databases for companies that feel “left behind” in the 2020s. After receiving direction of your vision, we can develop entire software systems from scratch that make navigating your database as easy as clicking a button on an app! We have helped multiple companies enter the “fintech” revolution changing financial services around the globe.

In addition to this focus on Fintech software & website development, ShoreHQ can help financial and insurance companies with the following jobs/responsibilities, as well:

  • Accounts payable & receivable services
  • General filing/bookkeeping
  • Claims analyst or agent
  • Financial analyst
  • Financial forecaster
  • Loan Specialist
  • IT Support
  • 24/7 Customer Service

Offshoring’s Connection to the Financial Industry

Offshoring has become essential to finance and insurance firms over the past decade. Ever since the Great Recession in 2008 shook the global banking industry to its core, both industries have seen their finances scrutinized at much higher regulatory standards. This can make navigating the global web of laws and directives affecting your business difficult to follow. Offloading some of this paperwork and responsibility to your offshore team can help you ensure you are keeping current with your region’s banking regulations.

Offshoring Advantage vs. In-House Hiring

Not only that, but hiring our offshore team, as stated in our core mission, saved our clients up to 70% in overhead. This mostly comes from not overspending on employee recruitment, training, payrolled salary, and benefits, but it also comes in the form of increased productivity and upgraded computer systems. We plan to work with you throughout the length of your subscription, and you have no fear about poor performance or failure; we replace any poor performing members immediately, reassigning them to a different project and bringing you a fresh specialist to continue the work.

India – The World’s Greatest Offshoring Country

Despite the rise of secondary markets, India is entrenched as the most desirable offshoring location in the world. The practice has the longest roots in the country, and cities like Bangalore have developed entire economies supported by the large, college-educated Indian citizens entering the “offshoring” remote work force.

The Shore HQ Advantage

By utilizing Shore HQ’s offshore resources, companies gain the ability to compete with the biggest companies in their industry – why? You get an entire team for the price of one or two employees on payroll. They are fully trained, saving you costs, and even big account firms like KPMG have found big success the past decade offshoring key portions of their labor.

Make no mistake, to compete as a major financial or insurance company in the 2020s, you will need the help of resources of an offshoring group like ShoreHQ – contact us today!

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