The Education & E-Learning Marketplace, and How it Relates To Offshoring

Higher education and e-learning are a multi-trillion industry worldwide, making it a key industry that ShoreHQ loves partnering with. For example, in our base out of the UK, the higher education sector is worth well over $30 billion. However, along with its vital importance to the economy and society as a whole, many educational institutions post razor-thin margins due to cut funding or burdensome regulations. With so many functions to fill, many educational institutions have turned to offshoring opportunities for the following jobs:

  • Online tutoring and virtual help
  • Teaching assistance
  • Accounting and fee collection services
  • E-learning resources and infrastructure
  • IT maintenance of virtual learning platforms & databases
  • Admissions & Recruitment services
  • Coding software for e-learning company databases

  • Importance of Offshoring: The Future of Higher Education Institutions & E-Learning Platforms

    When governments cut funding or student recruitment/retention rates dip, schools can be in immediate danger of closing their doors. Into the 2020s, offshoring e-learning and higher education services will become vital to the financial solvency of many institutions. Especially in developed nations like the UK, increasing student numbers while maintaining the incredible quality of education will be possible through offshoring the most time-consuming labor overseas. That way, your institution’s faculty can focus on engaging and connecting to their students. Doing this while saving money will ease the burden on educational institutions and businesses as they grow into the 21st century.

    How Offshoring labor-intensive work/technical software development Outcompetes In-House Hiring

    While some vital teaching and administrative positions need to stay on-site/on-campus, many jobs in the education sector can be moved overseas very successfully. A primary complaint of onsite staff at educational institutions is the sheer amount of student and institutional paperwork that takes them away from the students. Also, universities have to pay exorbitant fees for accountants and software developers – our experts are more experienced than the average in-house candidate, and charge one quarter the price. Our offshoring resource market gets a whole offshore development team for what you pay in a year for a single administrative assistant. The decision to step into the offshore market will become a must for higher educations over the next decade for this very reason.

    India’s Higher Education Advantage

    India boasts the 3rd largest higher education system in the world, with millions of graduates flooding the job market every year. Because of this deep pool of educated candidates, India is naturally the best place for offshoring any job pertaining to education. Our team members are English-fluent and hold advanced STEM certifications. You can tell them what kind of online learning program you desire, and our developers can make a program tailored to your student body.

Why ShoreHQ

As stated in our other team pages, ShoreHQ is based in the best city located in the best country for offshoring opportunities; we are the best of the best. For educational purposes, you will not find another job market with more qualified candidates at such an affordable price. Our subscription package will give you an entire team, feeling like you added a whole office of experts for the price of one new in-house hire. Make the switch and start trial with ShoreHQ Educational Services today!

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