UK’s leading offshore resource provider

Since 2013, ShoreHQ has proven its status as the UK’s leading offshore resource provider. Our remote team-building service is designed for companies in search of talent-rich software development teams. Let ShoreHQ build you an entire remote-working development team focused solely on your company goals. We take care of all the legal, administrative, and recruitment issues, making it not only less costly but also easy when you choose to work with us. It's a fact, our clients save up to 70% on their overheads by streamlining their business expenses into a single low fee. In the past three years, our offshore workforce has increased to nearly 50 college-educated developers. That's why we can guarantee a knowledgeable, highly specialised workforce for our clients.

See how we can create for you an entire workforce of highly skilled specialists

With all of administrative and legal logistics taken care of, you can get focus on doing what you do best: growing your business. Not only that, we also ensure your company's vision is incorporated in everything your remote team does. We take care of all the heavy lifting of recruiting excellent workers so you can spend your valuable time designing new products and services. And when it comes to scaling your business, we're here to help. Your offshore workforce is easily scalable to meet the growing demands of your business.

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