UK’s leading offshore resource provider

Since 2013, ShoreHQ has proven its status as the UK’s leading offshore resource provider. Our remote team-building service is designed for companies in search of talent-rich software development resources.
With ShoreHQ, you build an entire remote-working development team focused solely on your company’s goals. We handle all legal, administrative, and recruitment issues, making it not only safe, but easy to employ our service. In fact, our clients save up to 70% on overhead by streamlining their business expenses into a single low fee.
In the past three years, our workforce has increased to nearly 50 college-educated developers, promising a knowledgeable, capable team for anyone who works with us.

ShoreHQ is the incredibly high skill level of our workforce

Our remote teams work out of Bangalore, India. These highly talented workers are frequently rated as the best offshore workers by several reputable rankings. Source:
In fact, a defining trait of ShoreHQ is the incredibly high skill level of our workforce. Instead of having 10,000 mediocre workers who, at the very least, show up for their job, we picked 1,000 top-tier candidates, and the feeling translates: you will feel as if you are getting the best 10 percent of remote workers around the globe. Just picture how much more you can get done with such a competent, affordable online work force – all provided by Shore HQ!


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